No remote Hubs found (Win2008R2 on vSphere5.5).

we are trying to connect a SafeNet USB key (license key) via AnywhereUsb/14.
We can’t connect to the SafeNet key because the discovery process using the Configuration utility is not working properly.
The utility finds the Anywhereusb/14 randomly. It appears for few seconds and then it disappears. Using the F5 key to refresh the Anywhere/14 comes up again for few seconds and then it disappears again.
The configuration is this:
VM Windows 2008R2 in vmware vSphere5.5 (with TCP and UDP checksum Offload disabled)
AnywhereUsb drivers version 3.60.60
AnywhereUsb/14 with last firmware.
No firewall, no antivirus.
Checked the usbd.sys thing.

Any help’s welcome.