No Connection with VM to Anywhere USB/14 Hub

Our VMs in a ESX Vsphere 5.5 Infrastructur are getting no Connection to the Digi AnwhereUSB Hub.
The Anywhere USB/14 Hub Firmware 1.83
Network Configuration IP, Mask Gateway

VM OS: Windows Server 2008 R2
IP Mask Gateway
Digi Anywhere USB Config Utilty Version 3.80.200

Windows Firewall OFF
No Firewall in Network
Virusscan OFF
Other VMs with different OS has the same Problem
Its possible to see the Hub in the Remote USB Hub Viewer, but no Connect (no Hubs found) in AnywhereUSB Config Utilty.

In our old Network(10.17.0.X, Mask, Gateway the other Hubs and VMs (ESX Vpshere 5.0) are working well.

It sounds like the VMs may actually be connected, but the real issue is that you’re unable to Discover the AWUSB. Note that you can be connected without Discovering.

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