AnywhereUSB "Device Enumeration Failure"

I got an AnywhereUSB Hub that recognizes only one of 3 Disks. The disks work fine in direct attachments.
Server is Windows 2003, running as VM under Citrix XENServer.
The disks, when connected to the XEN Server, worked fine as well.
Firmware V2.30.5
Software installed without errors. Connecting to other ports, etc did not change anything.
Attached is the Log of the Anwhere USB decive viewer.
The disks are 2x 200GB (one of them seen) and 1x 400GB disk.

Please send me the following “screen captures”:

  1. Windows Device Manager (maximized) with the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section expanded.

  2. AnywhereUSB Viewer Utility (maximized).

  3. AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility

  4. Double-click My Computer and click “View / Details”.

also update device with newer firmware and driver

update the driver using the below link