No connection to AnywhereUSB

I installed the 2.51.1 software on a physical machine and finally it works, I get a connection to the device and an USB stick shows up with its drive letter.

Then I installed the same software on a virtual machine (running on VMware ESX). Yes, the usbd.sys driver was in c:\windows\system32\drivers. I disconnected the AnywhereUSB on the physical node, and it shows the following on the status line: Total Discovered: 1, Connected To Me: 0, Available: 1, In Use: 0, Unconfigured: 0

I try to connect to it on virtual node, it indefinitely says “Connecting to this computer…” and never finishes (the “Connected To Me” counter hops to 1 - whereas on the other machine the AnywhereUSB seems to be “Available for Host Connection”).

I attach you a screenshot

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the detailed information.

Try the suggestions in the following Knowledge Base article and let me know if any of them help.