USB Anywhere and VM reboots

I currently have several IP based USB hubs from another vendor. We experience one issue that I hope your product will resolve. In several of our VM farms we’re running software that requires a USB license key. When we reboot these servers after patching etc, we have to manually reactivate the USB key on the affected server to be able to use the software. Does your product support auto reconnection to a specific USB port on reboot of the Windows Server 2003 OS so that the software would be available without manual intervention?


I’m curious to know which hub you’re using from another vendor. By reading your email it seems you’re able to map individual USB ports to specific systems with this hub?

Ours DOES automatically reconnect to the system (Virtual machine) but you need to be aware that our AnywhereUSB only can be enumerated (used) by one system(VM) at a time. The USB ports can’t be shared among systems.

It’s a one to one relationship between machine and AWUSB.

Mike Swift

We’re using Lantronix UBox USB server.

Yes. That is the device. Yes, we can map different USB devices to different servers. An example is having a modem, and two different USB software keys on the same Lantronix. We have three different servers hitting the one lantronix to access the different devices. Of course, once a server locks onto a usb device such as a USB key or modem, that devices is then dedicated to that particular server.


Is this the device?

Are you able to map individual USB ports among different computers?

Did you have any questions about what I mentioned with our product?

Mike Swift

I have the same concern. I did not understand your answer. Can you utilize one Lantronics box with two VMWare instances of Windows 2003 each requiring a license dongle? I have about 20 license servers which I would like to consolidate using VMWare but do not want to create a license dongle management nightmare.