USB key connection consistent across reboots ?


I would be interested in ordering the AnywhereUSB devices but I still need to understand whether or not I can set a connection from an XP machine to a device connected to the hub in subject consistent across reboots.

I have used other USB over Ethernet hub servers but the problem with those seems to be that the end-user can connect to a USB device located on the hub but as soon as he reboots the XP machine the connection is not re-established automatically after the reboot (he/she needs to manually open the applet and re-connect to the USB key).
I am not interested in sharing this USB key across many users. I am only interested in being able to let the administrators set permanently at install time that XP xyz will always see the USB key in slot abc in the AnywhereUSB server for ever (even across reboots).

Is it possible ?

Thanks. Massimo.


Yes, this is possible. After you install the AnywhereUSB software, connect to the AnywhereUSB, and install the drivers, an AnywhereUSB service will be installed that runs automatically. That PC will automatically connect to the AnywhereUSB, before you log into Windows.



Just to be sure we are on the same page … I need the XP image to specifically connect the USB device inserted into port #2 (for example). Sorry I am not familiar with this product but other similar kits seem to be able to “see” the hub automatically but then you have to open its software and specifically/explicity click on “connect USB device in port #2”.

With the AnywhereUSB I want to explicity connect the USB device in port #2 and having it attached forever. Other XP images will have to conistently map USB devices in other ports of the AnywhereUSB device.

Is this that you are saying it is possible ?

Thanks again.

P.S. for the records my USB device in port #2 is a license key dongle (which has worked ok on other USB hub server products … but have this persistent connection limitation) and the XP images are virtual machines running on VMware ESX.

Dear Jeremy,

I’ve installed AnyWhereUSB SW/drivers on a Windows 2003 SP1 machine because I have an application that needs to validate license over usb key each time it starts (automatic start at reboot). The problem is AnyWhereUSB “service” is missing from the Services panel of WIndows 2003 and the AnyWHereUSB key will become available only after logon. This mean there is no service for ANywhereUSB, so each time I reboot the Win2003 server I have always to logon to activate AnyWhereUSB functionality.

Is it normal?


The XP OS will have access to all 5 USB ports upon booting. You do not need to manually connect to the AnywhereUSB (or any of the ports) once the driver is installed.

Whatever devices are attached to the AnywhereUSB when you boot, the XP OS will have access to those devices (just like a standard USB hub would behave).

Plenty of customers use the AnywhereUSB for license keys in a VMware ESX environment, so it sounds like the AnywhereUSB will provide the solution you’re looking for.

Hi Jeremy.

I have just ordered one of these devices for internal test purposes. As a matter of fact the connection does effectively remain conistent across Windows reboots. The problem I have right now is that I originally intended (and I still intend) to be able to share this device across 5 different Windows virtual machines. At the end of the day each vm needs a single USB port because they have a single license dongle.

From the interface and from the behaviour I see it appears that you can only associate the WHOLE hub to the virtual machine and not a single USB port. Is this the case ? If so than it wouldn’t quite suite my needs as I can’t afford to buy a whole HUB with 5 ports per each vm that I have.

I hope to be missing something.

Thanks for your patient.


The AnywhereUSB ports cannot be shared amongst multiple computers (physical or virtual).

The computer that’s connected to the AnywhereUSB has access to all 5 USB ports, similar the way a standard USB hub behaves. In order for another computer to connect to the AnywhereUSB (and, thus, have access to all 5 USB ports), the first computer would have to disconnect.

For your environment, you would need one AnywhereUSB per virtual machine.

Mh … hops …

I also assume that there is entry level device with just one or two ports max right ?

Thanks anyway.



We exclusively offer the AnywhereUSB/5.

There is no AnywhereUSB service per se. However, the AnywhereUSB will automatically connect to the PC when Windows loads, even before you log in. If you watch the front panel of the AnywhereUSB, you’ll notice that the 5 port lights turn solid green around the time Windows presents the login screen.


You both answered my question regarding sharing anywhereusb amongst multiple machines and automatic reconnecting after rebooting. It appears though, that a license key through a USB device is authenticated on the server once you logon. My questions is, after logon and validating the usb license key, can I lock the server and still have the usb licenses validated? or does the machine needs to be logged on at all times?



Locking the server, or logging off, should not disconnect the AnywhereUSB from the host PC. That is, the AnywhereUSB should remain connected to the PC in both of those situations. To verify this, look at the front panel of the AnywhereUSB when the server is locked, or the user is logged off - the 5 port lights should remain solid green, which indicates it’s still connected.