New to this product - questions regarding rebooting the AnywhereUSB 14

We have an AnywhereUSB 14 device with a handful of things plugged into it. I’m new to administering this device and curious if there is anything I need to be on the look out for when I reboot.

Does it take a lot of time to reboot?
Can you get away with doing it during the day in most cases or does it need to be done in a maintenace window?
Do you have to reconnect all the endpoints with the AnywhereUSB Remote Hub Configuration Utility after reboot or will it auto-reconnect?

when you reboot or power cycle the AW-USB-14 the exiting connections will be cut and the driver will try to reconnect later. Similar to disconnects which can occur due to network outage or high latency.

It depends on your specific USB device driver if it is “unexpected unplug event” and “unexpected replug” save.

Make sure to use the latest drivers from the manufacturers of your specific USB devices.

Some might not be “unexpected unplug/replug event” save and could even cause your Windows to crash, some just require the driver to be stopped and reloaded, some just require the application to be restarted.