USB devices won't auto reconnect through AnywhereUSB after reboot of OS

We’ve just started deploying some of the AnywhereUSB devices and I’ve noticed an issue that’s come up twice now.

When I reboot the machine that is connected to the AnywhereUSB device it will come back up and be connected to it still… great. The problem is that some usb devices won’t automatically reconnect to that machine. I must physically disconnect and reconnect the usb device to the AnywhereUSB and then it pops into the Device Manager.

Any ideas? I’ve see this happen now with an older 128mb flash drive and now a usb modem.

Thanks! Matt


My best guess is that the USB modem is causing this problem. As you may know, most USB modems are incompatible with the AnywhereUSB, and trying to use incompatible devices can cause various problems, such as what you’re running into.

With that being said:

  1. I’m curious if your modem ever works, when going through the AnywhereUSB. If so, what is the make and model?

  2. About the issue-at-hand, disconnect the USB modem, power cycle the AnywhereUSB, reboot the computer (leaving only the flash drive connected to the AnywhereUSB) and let me know if you continue seeing this problem.

I’m planning on buying that modem (Best Data 56USB-P) and use it in a ESX environment with a AnywhereUSB and Windows2003 guest OS.

Has anyone any positive experience with similar setup?

That was my guess also, but I thought that I would ask to be sure. I like the device a lot and hope that some improvements will be made in the near future to increase the level of compatible hardware.

To answer your question: Actually yes, the modem works just fine. I’m able to use it as normal when it’s connected properly to the OS. It is a MultiModem USB from MultiTech.

Are there any USB modems that have been found to be compatible with the AnywhereUSB?

I’ve had a handful of reports of the Best Data 56USB-P “controller based” USB modem working just fine with the AnywhereUSB.

Keep in mind that Digi has not tested this device, so I can’t make any guarantees.

Still, if you end up giving it a shot, please give us feedback here on the forum.

Thanks for all the info.