Anywhereusb/5 loses its harddisk

I’m using anywhereusb/5 in a SBS2008 environment with vmware.
At the anywhereusb/5 hub are 2 harddiks connected. Everytime when I trying to make a backup. The Anywhereusb loses its connecting with the harddisks. I have update the driver to v3.10 August 2010.
Has anybody an idea how to solve this problem.


USB storage devices are not supported with any of the AnywhereUSB models because they can cause all sorts of problems (probably because they are USB 2.0 and the AnywhereUSB is USB 1.1). Sorry but we can’t provide any assistance with this kind of scenario. We recommend using a “true” backup solution instead, such as NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Mass storage devices are incompatible with AUSB, thus it is not recommended to use them

refer to KBase article