AnywhereUSB/5 M in different SubNets? Huawei?


I looked some, but couldn’t really find any confirmation of it working or not working so i thought id ask here and see if i can get help.

I want to use an AnywhereUSB/5 M to “serve” 3 or more servers (, all) in different subnets with a couple of 3G modems. Would this be possible? Or is it limited to same subnet?

Anyone that have experience with Huawei 3G modems on the AnywhereUSB products? These are to be used for SMS services from SCOM for the on-call-duty and ticketing system reporting/escalation.

I talked to a Swedish distributor and they had 1 in stock, but i need to get a better understanding of if the product fills my needs/demands before i order it.

Thanks in advance.
/ Jonas

Yes, you can devices in the different subnet to AUSB/5M
All you need to do is enter the IP address in the discovery list. This displays a list of subnet addresses of remote networks or IP Addresses of individual units where the configuration utility will search for AnywhereUSB units.

Modems are incompatible with AUSB, hence it is not recommended to use them.

Refer to KB article

Thanks for the information. Appreciated.