AnywhereUSB/5 MHC device crashing requiring power cycle. Firmware and Drivers up to date.

We recently purchased a AnywhereUSB/5 MHC device (within a couple of months) and it keeps crashing. The device itself then has to be power cycled which is a bit of a problem for us as it is 40 minutes away from the main office. The drivers and firmware are up to date. Anyone else run into this problem?

What type of USB devices are connected to the AnywhereUSB/5?

Are the drivers for those USB devices current?

What driver and firmware version are you using?

We have 2 USB Dongles required for different software. One runs our Generator Software and the other a Call reporting software. The Generator one is not up to date. We are using the 3.60.60 drivers for Windows 8, and the firmware version is: Firmware Version: (build 82002581_F awusb5m eos 9/17/2013 10:21:00a)

I would update the dongle drivers for each USB device.

There is a KB article on the Digi Support site that may help:

I would ensure those steps are tried to see if the issue is resolved

Looks like i spoke too soon, my coworker did take the USB device and plug it into the PC manually to ensure that it was working and installed correctly.

Also, the machines detect the dongle just fine. And it works for a couple of weeks to a month, it then crashes and requires the reboot on the actual AnywhereUSB device.