AnywhereUSB/5 MHC loses network connection


We have a AnywhereUSB/5 MHC device that I am trying to commission to support a few of our older servers after another Anywhere device we had died.

The issue I am facing is that the device loses connection to ethernet after any kind of interruption, whether it be a reboot through the UI or our network team performing maintenance on the switch. The only way to resolve this is to visit the hardware and do a hard power reset, sometimes several times.

Device Details:

Model: AnywhereUSB/5 MHC
Firmware: (build 82002581_P awusb5m eos 2/02/2018 8:15:54a)
POST: (release 82001552_A generic_travis hwdiag 8/27/2009)

Any help greatly appreciated.


are you using the correct power supply with your AW-USB-5M?
Please update it to the latest 2.x EOS firmware from:

after updating to this firmware you will require a login, user=root password=dbps (or any custom password you have set). We recommend to change to a more secure password.

Also make sure to run the latest AnywhereUSB driver 3.99_S2 installed as Windows Administrator (older driver needs to be uninstalled upfront as Windows Admin and Windows rebooted), another reboot required after installation. Digi AnywhereUSB (G2)

Be aware that port scanners/security scanners in your local network can cause a denial of service attack on your AW-USB-5M. Disable all services on the AW-USB-5M you don’t require, e.g. telnet, ssh. And configure your scanner to either skip the AW-USB-5M or to scan with one concurrent thread/process only.

Since your AW-USB-5M might be several years old, there could also be a hardware problem causing your symptoms. Typically these are working 10-20 years in field, but some might die earlier.