AnywhereUSB no WebUI , telnet refused

Hi altogether
I own two AnywhereUSB 5 devices, one of them does not allow access through WebUI
Using Hub Configuration Utiliy I managed to set IP adress and connect the device
DHCP enabled and Adress setting is correct
I can also connect USB devices
There seems to be no access to WebUI and I cannot access through telnet neither

Device No. 1 HW A-G2 , FW 1.81.1568 everything works fine
once connected, clicking on WEBUI works perfectly

Device No. 2 HW rev. B(R) FW 2.30.0005
once connected , WEBUI button is greyed out
no acces via WEBUI or Telnet
I don’t understand why this device does not work properly

Anybody out there to help me ?

Sounds like Device No. 2 is a first generation AnywhereUSB 5.

When it comes to the web interface:

Note This feature is not available on the first generation AWUSB/5 model.|_____0

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My initial guess, based on the 2nd device HW revision is that this is the Legacy AnywhereUSB/5 (not Gen2) which does not have any web interface/telnet.
It does only connect and get configured using the tool.

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Thank you


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