AnywhereUSB smart card support?

I’m hoping that the AnywhereUSB devices could help me with a move to virtualised and physically isolated servers.

Gemalto produce a line of smart-card readers that connect via USB using the CCID protocol. Does anyone have any experience using these or any other smart card over an AnywhereUSB device?

I’m also interested to know how they handle WAN-level latency of around 50ms.

Any info is appreciated.

Please refer to the KBase article

Well, here is one item for your reference, Syncotek SC-600P USB smart card reader:
It supports CCID protocol, and has RS232 or USB Interface, hope this helps!

I’ve heard of customers using USB smart card readers with AnywhereUSBs just fine, and WAN environments aren’t an issue either. I don’t anticipate any problems with this application from my experience.