AnywhereUSB5(Gen2) multi - device Windows 2008R2

I have a Digi AnywhereUSB5(Gen2), I have set it up and I can see the unit from window fine.
The problem I have is that connected to the Anywhere USB Is a rack mount smartcard multi reader x 2 , This basically is 20 usb readers split across two USB hubs, then there is one connection from each hub that is connected to either the Host PC/server or in this case a AnywhereUSB device.

So 4 ports on the AnywhereUSB are taken up by the card readers.

When the connection is made using the AnywhereUSB Remote Hub config Utility, It connects fine and the 40 readers are installed, so it seems, But the problem is that only 30 of the readers are accessible,

There are no errors in device manager, I can see the RealportUSB Host Controller -0 and -1
I can see 40 Microsoft USBCCID Smartcard Readers ( WUDF ),

Not sure what or why this is causing an issue, Any Help Please

Are you using the latest AnywhereUSB driver and firmware?

Are you using the latest driver for the USB readers?

Just for troubleshooting/testing purposes, do you still see this problem if the readers are connected directly to the computer instead of the AWUSB?

Hi Sorry for the delay
Yes it happens on the server too, I have tried connecting the Anywhere USB to my laptop win7x64 and its the same, But the manufacturer assures me they have 100 card readers running from a medium spec desktop
so that would be 10 USB Connections into 5 reader banks
and inside each bank is two usb hubs with 10 readers off each,

I’m not sure if I’m being spun a yarn :wink:

Unless I’m missing something here, if you’re telling me that you see the same problem without the AnywhereUSB (when those USB devices are connected directly to the server) then it actually makes sense to me that you would see the same problem with the AnywhereUSB.

I have not said its a fault with the digi - it was more of a question if anyone had seen this and knows of away round the issue ? I think it is down to the OS on the server, It may be there is a registry hack that will enable the OS to use more readers, the Digi sees all 40 readers but only 32 are useable

This sounds like a good question for Microsoft :slight_smile: