AnyWhereUSB TS-44 device not found

I have a new AnywhereUSB TS-44 fresh out of the box.

The digi device discovery cannot find it.

Its plugged into a switch and the switch link led is lit
but the ethernet led’s on the digi are not lit (yellow/green).

I have plugged it into two differnet switches, no link led on digi, but link led on switch.

Digi status led cycles thru the following sequence

5 x Red
5 x Red
2 x Red

OS is Windows XP 32bit

try to reset the device to factory default though it is new.

Using the Front Panel Reset Button
If the AnywhereUSB cannot be accessed from the Web interface, the configuration can be restored to factory defaults using the Reset button.

  1. Power off the AnywhereUSB by unplugging the power.
  2. Press the Reset button on the front of the unit.
  3. While holding the Reset button, power up the unit.
  4. Hold the Reset button for 20 seconds and then release it.

If this doesn’t work then contact Digi Technical Support