Anywhereusb14 Blinks red 2-3-2 on boot

I’ve got an out-of-warranty Anywhereusb14.

The system status blinks red in combination of 2-3-2 then one green blink.
Both power supply seems to be working.
There’s no link on both network ports.
Factory reset and firmware recover doesn’t help.

What does this LED combination mean and is there any way to fix it?

Have you tried

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I have already tried all the troubleshoting and recovery procedures available on the Digi site.

But what the 2-3-2 code means I couldn’t find.
And the technical support keeps silence about this except that they can replace the device.

Unfortunately this device is out of warranty and I don’t have any authorized service center in my region.

I believe it is not a hardware problem but some kind of logic one.

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I did some checking around. It is a hardware issue. If restoring it to defaults does not fix it, the it is most likely an RMA if it is under warranty or time to replace.