AnywhereUSB/14 after reboot not responsible: blink code 2-3-2 red, 1 green... endless loop

AnywhereUSB/14 devices seems to be defective.
Once the administrative page was very slow reachable a reboot was performed.
After the reboot, the device is no longer reachable.
The system status led has the following blink code:
1x long (2 sec) green
2x red
3x red
2x red
and so on (endless loop)
The warranty period has already expired.
Nevertheless I ask for support from the Digi Technical Support, strictly speaking the question which electronic component could be defective and where replacement can be purchased.
It would also be nice to know where in Germany a certified repair center is located.
Thank you in advance for any advice and support.

Good afternoon, today I faced the same problem. But the solutions also could not be found.