AnywhereUSB2 3.1 not staying connected

I’m connecting the AnywhereUSB and it connects for a few seconds and then disconnects. What is causing that?

Hi Tim and welcome to Digi Forum.

In order to be able to help you on this, the best would be for you to send us an email to with all the details so we can create a case for this.

In particular please provide:

  • SN of the device
  • Firmware of the Anywhere USB
  • Any screenshot or other details about your operating system and what you are seeing

Basing on that we will be able to ask you any further required info like logs, etc to investigate.


Digi Technical Support team

Looks like antivirus causing this issue.
Try to disable antivirus to see it’s better. Though every time the auto update starts, it will disconnects.