i have a xbee series 2, XB24- ZB programmed as a co-ordinator API mode.

I have connected the RX, TX to a pic18f13k22 using rs232 and a 16x2 LCD to display the data, i am using CCS compiler to program the pic.

I wanted to change the baud rate on the xbee to 35714 or 62500 or 125000 because these are the only baud rates greater than 19200 available in CCS.

I know that to change the baud rates you have to read the firmware and change the baud rate under serial interfacing section but these baud rates are not listed and i cannot use the command window (ATBD hex value) either because the coordinator is in API mode and does not respond to command mode.

Does anyone have a solution how to configure the coordinator to suit the CCS baud rates?


You can use the API frame 0x09 AT Command queue Register Value. Refer the following link, http://ftp1.digi.com/support/utilities/digi_apiframes2.htm