API mode for line replacement


In AT mode what I send as RF Data can be observed at DOUT pin (pin 2 or 3) of the XBee module. Is it possible to the same thing in API mode?
Should I expect to see an API frame with my data at the output pin or only my data without any frame structure at the output pin?
Since my microprocessor’s firmware can not understand an XBee API frame structure, I have to see just my data at the output pin as in AT mode. I am currently trying to use ‘Zigbee Transmit Request’ (0x10) in order to send data from my coordinator to the end device that is connected to the micropr and although ‘Zigbee Transmit Status’ is OK my microprocessor seems to be not getting the ‘Data’ part of 0x10 API frame out from DOUT.

Thank you.

In API mode a ‘Zigbee Receive Packet’ frame is sent to DOUT. When data is received in 0x10 frame Zigbee extracts data, puts it in 0x90 frame and sends to DOUT. Consequently, line replacement in API mode necessitates a ZigbeeAPI-aware electronic device that communicates through Zigbee line.