API mode to transparent mode change

Is it possible to change a remote unit from AP1 api mode to AP0 transparent mode make a serial data transfer and then change back to AP1 mode? I can send a remote AT command to change from AP1 to AP0 but then it appears I can no longer send remote AT commands to change it back to APi mode?

Are you sure its changing the AP of the remote rather than the local? The second part of your statement makes me wonder.

What version of 802.15.4 firmware are you using?

I believe this is what is happening I’m not totally sure just yet. The firmware I am using is 10CD on both units. I just started working with API remote AT Commands. I do get a valid AT response at times. My goal is to have a network with one coordinator and 20 end unit. I would change one end node to transparent mode along with the coordinator to make a serial data tranfer. after I was done I want to switch these units back. Can this be done using api. Is this a resonable way to accomplish my goal. Would you offer me other suggestions.

I just tested this with 1xE6 firmware and it definitely works, keeping in mind that the side sending the remote commands needs to always be an API interface.

What I did was use a ConnectPort X4 802.15.4 to change AP=0 to AP=1 on an XB24-A that was associated with it. Once I did the change from the CP-X4 802.15.4 (my sending API interface), I did a read in XCTU of the module the command was being sent to and saw AP=1 was set. I then set it back to AP=0 and did a read, and saw that it changed back. What I did with my CP-X4 can also be done with a standard XBee that has AP=1 set, since remote AT commands can only be sent from API mode.

I am trying to replicate this on two PRO 900HP 200K XBees.

There is a co-ordinator and an end unit. Both start with AP=2

I send a remote AT command from co-ordination to end unit setting AP=0. I specify the 64 bit address and the option to apply changes.

However, I am getting no change and the following response:

Remote Command Response

7E 00 0F 97 01 00 13 A2 00 40 AF 73 46 FF FE 41 50 01 7B

- Start delimiter: 7E
- Length: 00 0F (15)
- Frame type: 97 (Remote Command Response)
- Frame ID: 01 (1)
- 64-bit source address: 00 13 A2 00 40 AF 73 46
- 16-bit source address: FF FE
- AT Command: 41 50 (AP)
- Status: 01 (Status Error)
- Checksum: 7B