How can I set the remote XBEE3 to Transparent mode using an API packet then save it to non volatile memory?

I want to set up remote XBEE3s remotely.
I can set the coordinator and router both to API mode and send API packets to set it up. This works and I can write it to memory.
I then need to set the coordinator and remote back to AT mode afterwards. I can also do this, but can’t find a way to write the mode to memory on the remote XBEE because as soon as I switch to AT mode it stops communicating. Any ideas?

Once the radio is no longer in API mode, you need to use AT command mode to change settings including write.


Thanks mvut, but that would write to the local not the remote. I found that I CAN use the API command to set mode to AT then write changes after all, because it doesn’t actually switch to AT mode until after the write.


Under “Remote Command Options” field of “0x17 Remote AT command” API frame, do not set bit value that applies changes immediately. This way you can send another API frame to write settings to non volatile memory of remote node.

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