How fast can I switch from transaparent mode to API


I use two XBee modules to read a sensor in transparent mode.
Therefore I read at least every 200 ms a measurement value.

Now I would like to use the IO function of an additional XBee module.

My idea:

  • read measurement [transp. mode] (requires 50ms)
  • switch to API mode
  • read/write IO [API mode]
  • switch back to transparent mode

How fast can I switch to API mode and back to transparent mode ?
Is it possible in 100ms?


I doubt this has ever been timed, since its an atypical usage. Normally you’d use a module in either AT or API mode, not toggle between the two.

After reading the manual again I want to try another solution with line passing.

I need 2 inputs and 2 outputs on a remote modul.

Therefore I want to pass 2 inputs from the remote module to outputs on my local modul and 2 remote outputs to 2 local inputs.

local <-> remote
IN1 -> OUT1 (D0)
IN2 -> OUT2 (D1)
OUT1 <- IN1 (D2)
OUT2 <- IN2 (D3)

  1. How can I change the remote outputs (only by connecting additional local outputs to local inputs and switching these outputs)?

  2. Is it possible to read the status of these local outputs in Command mode.


You can work it out with the Both API and AT modes.

It is possible to Read the Remote pins status of the remote module.


I didn’t find a solution reading remote IO data in API mode that is fast enough.

I mapped remote IO pins via line passing to my local module and poll the local pins.
So my solution now is:

get my sensor data in transparent mode
+++ (enter command mode)
ATIS (get local IO data)
ATIO (set local IO data)
ATCN (leave command mode)
get my sensor data in transparent mode

The guard time (GT) in my case is 5ms, so I can be fast enough to get everthing within 100ms.

Thanks for help!

No, it is not possible to read the status beyond if the line is enabled of a local DIO line.