API Reference Guide?

Hi all,

I’m new to Digi and Phyton and would like to develop and application that on a first approach could read modbus data from a device connected to the serial port of a transport wr21… (rs485)
In fact I consider it to be the most complex part of what I want to do, but without it, the rest wouldn’t make sense, so I’d like to start by this.

So far, I’m surfing the forums, looking what’s available, wich is enought for me for the time being, but the wr21 came with no CD, and I’ve read about the “API Reference Guide”,

what is it?

where can i find it?

Thanks for reading.

Hello you can find the Digi ESP for Python - Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 installer ver. 2.1.1 at the location below:
Look under Drivers. Once you install the Digi ESP for Python all the documentation can be found under the Help tab. I would start with the Development Overview.

The API Reference Guide stands for ‘Application Programming Interfaces’, an API specifies a set of functions or routines that accomplish a specific task or allow to interact with a specific software component.


iDigi Dia Documentation > iDigi Dia
Developer Documentation¶
Below is a listing of iDigi Dia developer documentation included with the iDigi Dia release. If you are new to writing your own code for the iDigi Dia please start with the Development Overview.

•Development Overview
•Tracing Manager
•Integrating Application-specific Behavior
•Device Specific Considerations
•API Reference
If you have not done so already, please visit http://www.idigi.com for more information on the iDigi Dia.

Thanks a lot for your reply