API with AT not working

Hi everyone,
I have this project in mind that reads a sensor and displays it on the bar graph on the other side of the network. It is very much like the Romantic Light from BWSN. I programmed my XB S2 for AT, and XBP for API. I am not sure how to make them connect them though. My XB AT will not even let me set the parameters. Any help?

I assume you have your own PIC/micro on each side.

You should probably read the basic chapters in the manual. I can’t recreate it here, but you need to:

  1. your ‘central’ XBee needs API coordinator firmware
  2. your ‘sensor’ XBee probably needs AT Router or At End-Point firmware
  3. your SC (channel mask) settings need to match
  4. your ID settings need to be the same (or at least 0)

I’m sure your AT mode unit allows settign to change, but the use of the ‘+++’ to break into AT mode can be a problem to get right.