Arduino API library compatibility and a few other questions

I am new to Xbee. I am looking at using this zigbee radio in a project. I was looking at using the API mode on it and came across this Arduino library for it. Does anyone know if there would be any compatibility issues between the radio and library being that the library is quite old and hasn’t had any recent updates?

When interfacing to a microcontroller, is it enough to connect the the DIN and DOUT lines or do I need to run flow control ones too such as RTS, CTS, and DTR?

For this project I will be making custom PCBs to mount everything on and I want to be able to add an Xbee programming port so that the end user that I am giving this to doesn’t have to remove the Xbee and plop it into a separate board for programming in the event of needing to replace a failed Xbee module. From poking around on this forum, I would need to connect the RX, TX, RTS, and DTR lines to the PC interface. So would my best bet be to just get a 3.3v USB to UART chip and add it to the board with a USB port?

Where do I find dimensional information for the THT Xbees?

Thank you,

Samuel Reddekop

It is enough to just connect Tx and Rx for two way communications.

For the function of allowing a direct connect, I would suggest using a set of dip switches or something similar to disconnect the processor from the XBee. This way the PC’s connection via the USB port you want to add can drive the modules lines.