Arduino, XBee, RGB LEDs

Hey, I am trying to use some XBee’s to send data wirelessly across to a RGB LED strip but unsure of how get them to talk to each other.

I am using max msp in my main project and i have been using Maxuino to control my LEDs by using the pwm pins 3,5,&6 so i can get a wide colour spectrum. This is all working perfectly when it is plugged in via USB but i am unsure how i can get this to work wirelessly using 2 Arduinos and 2 Xbees.

Can anybody help me out and perhaps shine some light on this?


The XBee modules act as a cable between the two devices. What I would suggest is that you take the radios out of the picture and get it working via a wired cable first (use the same ports the radios would be connected two). Should be basically the same as if it was done on the PC. Just using a different processor and port.