Arm7TMDI Lib Remote under Win2000 -> C R A S H

Cygwin works well on my Dell-Win2000/Novell system. But when I add the driver Arm7TMDI Lib Remote then the system reboots. Before the login window appears I have blue screen -> reset. Before installing the driver I made a backp of my system. Is there anything I can do?

I thought the lib remote was a exe that you startup (when required - but before the debugger) as a translation demon between the debugger and your OCDemon JTAG device? Should it really be getting automatically being run at startup? Or have the NetOS tools replaced this method for talking to a Raven JTAG interface unit by a proper driver? Regards, Dave

I installed lib remote without NetSilicon tools and without Cygwin. It was the same - the system didn’t start up without blue screen… Kind regards, Chris

Hi Chris I’ll ask it again… Is this the arm7LibRemote.exe or netsiliconLibRemote.exe cygwin programs that come from (or with the GNU tools) for use with a Raven/wiggler interface? If so these programs are not drivers, shouldn’t be started up at boot time… and to use them you simply run them from a command prompt or from inside the cygwin bash shell… providing the correct command line parameters for the interface type, LPT port and speed… Regards, Dave

Hi Chris Having now played with the Greenhills’ debugger (Netsilicon have been in trying to help me get the GNU tools to work with my HW design) I see that they do use a “driver”… In fact the Greenhills’ debugger + Raven works fine with my HW but the same Raven unit and board don’t work when using GDB… strange… Anyway some thoughts: 1) Do you have any other Parallel port drivers installed? For things like dongles, logic programmers or other ICEs? If so see if these install “start at boot up” services. Try changing these to manual startup to remove any potential conflicts at boot. 2) Some drivers need a minimum Wink service pack level… If you are not at SP3 (give SP4 a miss for a while) then try upgrading to this service pack. Note if you have a Xilinx webpack CPLD/FPGA programmer driver installed then you update that software before adding Win2k SP3 as failing to do so will give you another BSOD. 3) When the driver installation asks you to reboot… don’t… go and see if it has added a service that auto starts at boot time. If it has turn this to manual start before rebooting. If you manage to get past the login prompt go and manually start it and see what happens. Regards, Dave

Hi Dave On my system I have also a Xilinx version installed. (Foundation 4.1, a old version) The driver I tried is the OCDemonLibRemote-Cygwin.exe and ArmLibRemoteInstallation.exe. Thanks for your help - I’ll try to get the service package. Kind regards, Chris