Wi-ME Development Kit + Raven JTAG

I just got the Wi-ME development kit and things are working FTP-ing images to the default RAM FTP server.

But now I installed the Raven JTAG probe and tried to get that to work. Running OCDRemote as well as the OCD Commander gives the same results. I even upgraded to the 2.15 version from the macraigor web site.

First I got “Error 43: Cable disconnected”.
After changing the parallel port on my laptop to actually use 378 (instead of 3BC) OCDRemote seems happy now.
When I start GDB the host led blinks and OCDRemote seems to be communicating with the probe okay.

But whatever I do, I always get “Processor Running” errors. Trying with OCD Commander it keeps failing Reset and Halt saying that it failed to put the target in debug mode.

When I accidentally left the JTAG cable off the header it gave exactly the same results! So I don’t think it’s communicating with the WME module very well.

When I have the JTAG header on it does not actually reset the Wi-ME (neither does pressing the SW3 switch by the way). But it does stop the device from booting up. Then when I remove the cable it suddenly starts running.

I tried to reset myself (by connecting Pin 12 ICETRST to Pin 14 GND) on the JTAG port and that resets the device fine!

Does anybody know what I missed? It would be nice to get this working as I successfully FTP-ed the template app into the device so now I can’t program it anymore because that overwrote the FTP server thingy!!!

Should I send this dev kit back, or is there something I can do?