Associate led on XBee USB dongle is not blinking?


I just got few used XBee PRO S1 boards, but I have problem with one of them.

When I plug in my XBee PRO S1 board in USB dongle Associate LED (Red) is not blinking as it is with rest of the boards. And in XCTU when I want to add a radio module when user interaction is required (pushing reset button) board does not respond.

Does someone know why this can happen?

Thank You!

Incorrect firmware version installed, incorrect settings. Etc. What I would suggest is for you to re-write the radios firmware to the module.

I tried to rewrite firmware, but when Reset is requested nothing happens (the request windows does not close).

Try using remote AT commands and issue a Restore and write from another module to this one in API mode.

I’m new to xbee. Is there maybe some tutorial or guidelines how to do it??

Try the API section in the product manual. You can also use the XCTU v 6.x’s API function or the API frame maker located at with XCTU version 5.x’s Assemble packet function on the terminal tab.

Ok. Thank You! Will try!