AT command and PIC

Hi, I have a trouble when reqest AT commands, for example, I reqest MC address and Received MAC adress successfully, but, when I reqest Hardware Version, Firm ware Version or Decibel Intensity I don’t receive a LSN(low significant Nibble)

In other words:
send: “+++”
receive: “OK”
Send: “ATSH,”
receive: “Upper significant address”
send: “SL”
receive: “Lower significant address”
send: “CN\r”


send: “+++”
receive: “OK”
send: “ATVR,”
receive: “800”
send: “CN\r”

When the firmware version is 8003, the last nibble no appears, What am I doing wrong?

This my Code in C:

int lenght;
int1 ready;
char text, data[16], xbee_response[8];

void get_mac()