AT DN (firmware 0x8067) : status 0x40

All RF module are upgraded to the last Digimesh firmware 0x8067 and when a module send an ATDN command, the answer appears with a status 0x40 which is unknown in the documentation.
Is it a bug ?

Similar problem here with firmware 8162, got 0x80 as command status.

I find these module rather buggy…

does “remote address” is as expected?

in my case it shows the same as the node discovered which is odd, here a sample:

7E 00 23
97 01
00 13 A2 00 40 78 8F C4
4E 44
80 FF FE
00 13 A2 00 40 78 8F C4
20 00
FF FE 01 00 C1 05 10 1E

I found the extended command status description (on a more up-to-date doc)

The least significant nibble indicates the command
0 = OK
2 = Invalid Command
3 = Invalid Parameter
The most significant nibble is a bitfield as follows:
0x40 = The RSSI field is invalid and should be ignored.
Software prior to version 8x60 did not include RSSI
0x80 = Response is a remote command.

The doc is this one