ATND problems

I a creating a product which uses three XBee modules.
The units I have contain fw 1084.
They work great in transparent mode and are a great solution. I am having a problem with software to configure the units. My intention is to have each three xbee system be on a different PAN ID. In order to do OTA programming of the PAN ID, I assume that I need to be able to do a ATND command to discover which modules are present and obtain addresses to talk to them individually. I never get any response from ATND, except two blank lines.

Do I need different firmware on some or all of the xbees to make the ATND command work?

Thanks for the help.
Les Hildenbrandt

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You will want to upgrade to the 10E6 firmware (latest release), as the 1084 firmware does not support OTA programming. The OTA AT commands can only be sent using the API as well.

Additionally, to be recognized by the ND command, other nodes must be on the same PAN ID and the same channel.

Is there any way to detect modules which are on another PAN ID?