Xbee connection problem

I’m using two Xbee modules in AT mode. I want to type in a string in a terminal emulator on PC1 and see it on the terminal emulator on PC2.

When I type ATND (network discovery command) in command mode on either PC, I see the other Xbee module. Everything looks good.

Yet when I type into the terminal emulator on PC1 in transparent mode, I see nothing at all in the terminal emulator on PC2.

Please help.

Did u check PAN ID(Modem VID)
both has to be same.


Yes I did check that the PAN IDs matched on both the devices. I tried out a different PAN ID as well.

What does the acronym “VID” stand for? (I’m new to networking and Xbees.)

If I had had a problem with PAN ID I expect the two Xbees would not have seen each other when I used ATND.

Did you solve this problem? I having the same issue.(I have the XBP09-XSC)


I have the same issues!

H e l p !!!