ATSC & ATCH commands


I am having a problem when changing the operating channel of the xbee coordinator and end nodes. I actually can’t understand the concept of ATSC scan channel command. I mean, the manual does not really clarify how to change a channel.
for example, if i wanted to select channel number 11, does this mean i must write “ATSC 16”?
since 16 is the hexadecimal value of bit 11 (as specified in the manual) or should i write “ATSC b” since B in hexa means 11??

i am really confused…
can anyone help me by explaining it to me.

aah and also, i tried writing ATSC 0B in the AT-command interface, but when i checked the operating channel using the ATCH command
the result was E @__@

this got me even more confused than before.


The SC command is a bitmask that determines which channels will be scanned when you want to know what signal levels they are seeing.

If you want to change the transmission channel, you’d use the CH command
The parameter is a single byte whose binary value is the channel number. So if you wanted to select channel 13 (decimal) you’d send ATCH0B.

but, the ATCH is a read only command, i cannot set the channel using it!!

also, is not hexa 0b= 11 in decimal?


Yes, you’re quite right, I should have said ATCH0D. Sorry :frowning:

Why do you think ATCH is read-only? What response do you get when you try to set the channel using it?

because the manual described the CH command as read

also, when i tried it, i was getting an error which made me believe that it is really a read only command.
i could not even change it from the modem configuration.

I think I can see what the problem is. This is the 802.15.4 forum, for series 1 xbees running that firmware. With 802.15.4, the CH command lets you set and read the value.

I suspect you’re running either the Zigbee or the ZNet2.5 firmware on series 2 xbees. If that’s the case, posting to the appropriate forum for the firmware will likely get you answers that are much more relevant to you :slight_smile:

Hope that helps