Function of SC parameter

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Guyz I’ve been working in deveplopment of a product using RF communication. I want to know the exact working of the SC parameter? How can I select channel by using it? Whether this frequency (SC) selection affect the range and stability of the network?
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On a coordinator, the SC command sets a list of channels the coordinator can possibly start on. To force the coordinator to start on a fixed channel, set one bit in the SC mask. For example, to force the coordinator to start on channel 0x0C (2410 MHz), set SC=0x02 (“ATSC2”). Forcing a fixed channel on the coordinator is not recommended though. If multiple channels are enabled in SC, the coordinator will do an energy scan and try to select a channel with low detected energy. This can help the network start on a channel with less interference and should ultimately improve network stability.

Routers and end devices scan all SC channels to try and find a valid network to join. As a good rule of thumb, SC should be set the same on routers and end devices as it is on the coordinator.

Range is not significantly affected by the channel selection.

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> For example, to force
> the coordinator to start on channel 0x0C (2410 MHz),
> set SC=0x02 (“ATSC2”).

Why? how can I calculate the sc value from the channel one? which value have I set if i want to communicate on channel “10”?

See the XBee product manual for details on the SC command. In a nutshell, the SC command is a bitfield that specifies which channels should be scanned when starting (coordinator) or joining (router /end device) a network. The channels range from 2405-2480MHz and each channel is 5MHz apart from each other. In 802.15.4 terminology, these correspond to channels 0x0B - 0x1A in the 2.4 GHz band.

For example, setting SC=0x0001 enables the lowest channel (channel 0x0B) on 2405 MHz. Setting SC=0x000F enables the lowest 4 channels (0x0B - 0x0E), or 2405, 2410, 2415, and 2420 MHz.

If you want to communicate on channel “10”, chances are you are referring to channel 0x10 (16 decimal). Set SC=0x20 to force scanning on this channel only.