ATTP command gives error in DigiMesh 8062 firmware?

I am using DigiMesh 2.4 (firmware 8062) on XBee/XBeePro modules and constantly get ERROR when i issue ATTP command which is supposed to give me temperature of the module in degree C.

Is that command not supposed to work? I read it in DigiMesh user manual and i am surprised that the command is documented yet giving me error.


Where exactly did you find that command listed? Digimesh firmware runs on the series 1 hardware, and I’ve never heard that the series 1 hardware includes a temperature sensor.

If you can give the filename and page number of the user manual, it would help.

I am talking about “Product Manual: XBee / XBee-PRO DigiMesh 2.4 RF Modules” manual located here

Page 44. BTW i am using XBee/XBeePro S1 modules. does that manual doesnt apply to the modules i have?

no wonder some other command are also behaving weird. Like when i issue ATDN i only get “OK” back. That all. So what manual i should be reading?

Ah - that manual is a later revision than the one I had on file. Now I see the command.

Version 8062 is the latest Digimesh version according to the Digi site, so now I’m stumped for ideas.

Perhaps someone else can come up with a suggestion?

What bothers me the most is Digi is releasing firmware and documentation/command without actually testing or making sure they work. ATDN command also doesnt work but it is listed as supported command. It only returns “OK” status and thats all.

Also no where i can find good examples or documentation for what is meaning and purpose of Source EndPoint (SE), Destination EndPoint (DE), ClientID and ProfileID in DigiMesh protocol. You search the KB on digi website, nothing comes up (as far as i have tried).