Attribute Reads with APS level encryption fail

I’m having a problem trying to read cluster attributes with APS level encryption enabled (TxOptions = 0x20). I’m able to successfully join a SE network including link key exchange with the trust center and can access the general clusters with network level encryption. If I try to access a SE cluster, e.g., Price, with network encryption only I receive the expected default response indicating failure. If I issue the same command but with APS level encryption enabled. I get back a Network ACK failure (0x21) transmit status. Looking at the ZigBee network trace I can see the read attribute command is being sent and the correct response comes back from the device.

I got the command to work correctly once, i.e., received the attribute data, but only once.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It might help if you posted what chips you are using and whether you are using open libraries. Some libraries just do have bugs. Also, what happens if you turn off ACK replies.
Could also be there is an expiry date on the certificates

Hi csogawa/All,

I’ve been trying to get the Zigbee networking usign SEP Profile.

I am able to form a network of zigbee normal network and use Python library.

Now, I am trying to form a network with SEP profile by burning XBee-SE coordinator and end device firmware. However, I am not able to check if the network has established successfully. I am using a LED circuit to check if it is successful. It doesn’t seem to be working.

I am using xBee 2.1 python library for my experiments and my network has Coordinator and end device.

Also, I was wondering which language and specific library did you use and how do you verify the network. To start with I am looking for a network without security, ie, encryption option is set to 0.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks so much.!