XBee S2 ZDO/ZCL Support


I’m looking for a document which describes the ZDO and ZCL commands which are supported by the XBee devices.
Honestly, I do not understand the whole ZDO/ZCL/Profiles/Cluster thing at the moment. Maybe there is no need for such a document I’m looking for.

I should start with describing my problem which I want to solve:
I want to discover a remote module including almost every of it’s attribute (DH, DL, NC, SH, SL, etc.) values.

a) I could send a Remote At Command Request (0x17) for every attribute. But I think this would cause a massive overhead.
b) I could the ZCL Command “Read Attributes” (Command ID: 0x00) which takes a list of attributes I want to query.

I’m on the right track? Is there such an document?

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