Retrieve list of supported attributes via AT-Command/API


is there a way to retrieve a list of all attributes of a XBee module via API or AT commands?

You can only query a cluster to read that cluster specific attributes.

Thats great!

Unfortunately I’m not that familier with using specific clusters via 0x91 frame.

Meanwhile I read to page 123 of the XBee’s product manual. There is a command 0x0C (Discover Attributes), sounds what I’m looking for.
May you can give me some more details? I’m on the right track?

awaiK, are you referring to the various AT parameters you can set on the XBee module? If so, there isn’t a way to query the XBee for a list of the AT parameters it supports.

You can look at the .MXI file that came with the firmware installed on the module. Look inside the X-CTU folder, and you’ll find an MXI file for each firmware release. You can parse that file to obtain a list of AT parameters supported by that firmware version, including additional data on how to interpret the parameter (range, data type, etc.).

The ZCL Discover Attributes command is used on a ZigBee network to discover ZCL attributes on ZCL clusters. You would need to have ZDO and ZCL network layers running on your host device, to correctly process the ZigBee frames that come into your device.

Digi’s Programmable XBee Development Kit, and Dynamic C 10.70 for embedded Rabbit products includes those networking layers.

Thanks for your answer TomCollins.

Yes, I was looking for a method to read the various AT attributes (e.g MY, SL, SH, etc.).

Maybe parsing the MXI files is a viable way. Thanks.