ZCL Report Attributes (pubsub)


Does the Zigbee programmable ZDO layer support pubsub (ZCL specification section 2.4.7 Configure Reporting Command and 2.4.8 Configure Reporting Response) ?

I am not sure of the name of it is but it does support queering what ZCL’s are supported directly within the firmware.

That’s not what I meant.

ZCL defines a few operations like:
[li] Read Attributes[/li][li] Write Attributes[/li][li] Configure Reporting[/li][li] Report Attributes[/li][/ul]

I think the idea behind the digi ZCL library is that I can configure an attribute and then just change its value, and the library will take care of responding to Read Attributes commands it receives from other devices on the network.

“Reporting” means pubsub. It means that the remote device can say “Hey you, start sending me the value of attribute 1234 every 10 seconds or any time it changes by more than 1 volt, even if I don’t send you a request.”

What I’m wondering is whether or not the digi ZCL in the XBee Programmable units automatically responds to those “Reporting” subscriptions… or does it only support “Read Attributes” and “Write Attributes”