autoenum discovery interferes with data collection?

I have dia 1.2.19 running with one sensor.

The sensor wakes every three minutes to send data.

autoenum runs a discover_poll every minute.

It looks like when their cycles overlap dia does not receive data from the sensor. Could it be that the discover_poll prevents the data from being delivered?

I know I could put the autoenum on a much longer cycle to minimize the interference, but it’s boring waiting for results…

I’m running into this same issue. It appears xbee_device_manager calls to xbee.get_node_list(refresh=refresh) are doing the blocking.

I’m running with the x4 gateway kit with one rpm sensor so it appears xbee device sleeping isn’t an issue (Dia 1.4.6).

I’m attempting to collect one second samples but the blocking is giving me gaps every time autoenum looks for new devices.

Is there anyway to avoid the blocking or speed up the blocking time?

It is really not possible to collect data every second under a mesh like ZigBee. Everytime ‘discovery’ occurs you will lose up to 5 seconds of data. It is not totally caused by the X4. All nodes will particate, ignoring things like sending in new data samples as they help ‘discover’ the mesh peers and repeat broadcasts multiple times.

For one help, slow the auto_enum way down - once a minute is too fast. Try once per 15 or 60 minutes. Remember, any data the sensor sends in also triggers detection. So if you press the ‘commissioning button’ once, it should cause instant auto_enum detection.

As long as your network is small, there may be some way to shorten the discovery time and limit radius. But I’m not sure what that is. You can also disable autoenum and just manually configure the device.