Issue with autoenum and XbeeSensor L/T/H


I met an issue with an XbeeSensor L/T/H and the autoenum exaple Dia Project.
Below is a trace copied from the Console.

WARNING:xbee_autoenum:XBeeAutoEnum: __add_new _device. UNABLE to get DD from [00:13:a2:00:40:63:7e:53]!.

It looks like the device is discovered, but the sample request not recognized.
Please note that it does work well with a XbeeSensor L/T.

Is the XBeeSensor L/T/H compatible with the Dia Framework, and specifically with the autoenum example ?

Looking forward your feedback.


Yes, XBeeSensor L/T/H is compatible with Dia framework. Before running dia file, make sure that the sensor is in the network.

Hello Colin. I see your post is from earlier this year, however, I wanted to respond in case someone else is having this same issue.

If you’re using the Dia version 2.x, then you should first look into using a setting in the Xbee Device Manager(“”) called “addr_dd_map”.

This setting is intended to fill a cache with DD values for certain devices that the Dia may encounter during auto-enumeration.

Note, there is an issue being investigated in the autoenumeration driver which appears to not properly use that cached information, which is why you may see the Dia autoenumeration driver complain that a DD value was not set for a particular device.

To figure out whether this happening in your case (or others), it would be beneficial to have more information, such as what version of the Dia you’re running, as well as a copy of your YML file, to make sure there isn’t another issue that is causing this problem.

I hope this helps!