Problem with Autoenumerate on an X2E in Digi Python

I am working on a project to get our xbee network to work. Whenever I try to autoenumerate the devices on my xbee network from the xbee wif I get the following error:

WARNING:autoenum0:XBeeAutoEnum: No Default Config Found.

I have no idea what this means

When I looked through the library code I found the following piece of code which I don’t understand at all

  if product_type == None:
            return"XBeeAutoEnum: New Device Found: %-s%s%-s%s%-s",
                           product_name(product_type), " " * 4,
                           new_extended_address, " " * 4, node_identifier)

        instance_settings = None
        for dev in self._auto_device_list:
            if product_type in dev['supported_products']:
                instance_settings = deepcopy(dev['userdata'])
            self.__tracer.warning("XBeeAutoEnum: No Default Config Found.")

I suspect this else statment goes ot the if in the for loop, even though it is indented weirdly.

Any suggestions?

I’m going to assume you’re indeed using 802.15.4 modules instead of ZB. In that case, I not sure it’s supported by the autoenum driver. I do know it was historically created with ZB in mind.

Nope we are using XBEE2 ZigBees