AutoIP/DHCP in NetOS 6

To use AutoIP and DHCP “simulaneously”, I configured AutoIP to wait for a certain time (30s) before acquiring an IP address. If a DHCP Server is present, that is enough time to get an IP address via DHCP. The problem is that AutoIP acquires an IP address even if no ethernet connection is established, and the DHCP protocol does not overrule this, if the ethernet connection comes back. (shutdown type of DHCP proto is ACE_NEVER_SHUTDOWN). Is there a way to let AutoIP wait, or DHCP to work in the situation I described? Regards, Gordian

Do you mind telling me how AutoIP works in Netos6? Cheers.

I recently found by source tracing through the 6.0e BSP that any address obtained via DHCP would not be used unless I defined APP_ENABLE_AUTO_IP in my appconf.h. Until that define was created, my APP_IP_ADDRESS was always used, even after a successful DHCP transaction. (And even when APP_USE_STATIC_IP was set FALSE) The API help file article is not entirely accurate in its description of APP_ENABLE_AUTO_IP. Larry Martin

Nope, sorry. My last post was wrong. Something happened to my NVRAM around the same time I added that #define. When things started working I gave credit to the wrong thing. Here is an answer to the original question from Digi Tech Support: If you wish to configure the unit for DHCP during runtime, I would recommend using the customizeAceGetConfig() and customizeAceSetConfig() commands. These will get and set the aceConfigInfo structure and delving down into this structure you will see the configuration structures for static and dhcp addressing (configAceStaticInfo, configAceDhcpInfo). You will want to make sure to turn off static (.isEnabled = FALSE) and turn on DHCP.