Start up problem without DHCP server


I Have a ConnectME device using DHCP IP address.
It start ok with DHCP server.
But, if without DHCP server, it can not start up.

Does NetOS will sign a default IP address at this case?

How I can handle this problem?



NETOS on Connect ME will wait for an IP address in applicationStart() if it is configured as a DHCP client.

If module is waiting for getting an IP address from DHCP server it appears to be no booting.
If you connect to serial port of module you can see what is happening.

Take a look at BSP_WAIT_FOR_IP_CONFIG .

Set BSP_WAIT_FOR_IP_CONFIG to FALSE to call applicationStart() without waiting for an IP address to be assigned.

If you do not want to use the DHCP- Client, you are able to set the static- IP adress in the dialog context (which is accessable via the UART / terminal) at runtime.
If you use Digi environment / Eclipse, it is also possible to change the default adress within the project properties.

A third alternative would be to use Internet Address Manager (IAM) calls to set the IP address statically. The IAM is described in the API reference guide at:
Internetworking->Internet Address Manager(IAM).

Thanks, I’ll try it.

Thanks your answer.