Strange startup problem

I have an ME -C that sends:

IAM:Got AUTO-CONFIGURED IPv6 address FE80::240:9DFF:FE43:3597 on interface eth0:3

but then freezes and never sends:

IAM:Got STATIC IPv4 address on interface eth0

What is the problem and how do I access the module? Is it even possible to access the module?


It sounds like the unit is sitting, waiting forever for an IP address.

If you’re using DHCP, is there a DHCP server on the network?

If you’re using Static, do you have the Ethernet cable connected?

No DHCP, and the cable is connected. If I unplug the cable it gives me the no IP message.

What do you mean by the ‘no IP message’? Does it say it got an IP and then immediately lost it, or something else?

If it’s not getting an IP address at all and sitting forever, it sounds like eth0 or eth0:0 through eth0:3 aren’t setup right. Can you access the diagnotics menu and reset it to defaults? Does it have a JTAG on it so you can step through netosStartup to get addtional clues? Otherwise you could try using the back door recovery option (assuming it’s in your boot loader) by shoring pins 18 and 20 to ground, and then loading in a default FTP Server App via Xmodem or TFTP ( to see if you can recover it.

Can’t recover, this is a -C module, not a 9210.

I don’t think the program is an issue - I have dozens out there since I converted my program from 6.3 to 7.4.


Recently had a similar problem which turned out to be an error in setting certain flags related to enabling static IP address and DHCP.

We always configure ME with a fixed IP on initial factory-fresh startup, and this uses whatever dialog and software version Digi supply - at least until recently it was 6.3 or so.

There was an update in IAM within the 7.4.2 release which I think modified the control structure. In consequence certain flags weren’t set in the factory-loaded setup dialog.

We had some lockup problems similar to this when a customer switched from static address to DHCP, which I suspect were down to this change of control block structure resulting in DHCP not being enabled during the switch from a static address.

Digi are aware of this problem, and from the comments it looks as if a patch of a week or so ago fixes the problem, although not tested it yet.