Automatically neighbor discovery with DigiMesh possible?

Hello developers,

Is there a function to start a neighbor discovery (1 hop) in a digiMesh network after a node is switch on?

The Hardware should be a Xbee DigiMesh 2.4 RF Modul.

I want to detect a motion with a sensor and inform the both adjacent nodes left and right of the detetcting node. All nodes are positioned in a equidistant row with a gap of 35 metres. The MAC adresses of the nodes are not known and i want to avoid LUT´s with addresses or other predefines.

This is only a theoretical question. I have no hardware to check hints.

Thanks for your help.

Regards Tom

Hi Tom,

I used some functions to make neighbor discovery but it only gets one of the neighbors.

what i think its a problem in the API that it ends the session with the first serial reply and before the other nodes sends its reply.

here are the code i used you can call it any times and every time it will recover a new node.

neigh_list = xbee.ddo_command(Router_Mac[64 bit XXXX], ‘FN’, “”, 25, order=False, apply=True)