Determining neighbors / adjacent nodes

During the route discovery process, a node ends up finding at least one “neighbor” – with whom the node will pass the message to. These routes are maintained, so there is knowledge (somewhere) of who an individual node’s neighbors are.

Is it possible to gain access to this list of neighbors / routes? How can I discover which nodes are considered to be “one-hop” away from me?

The reason for my interest in this information is that I need to perform synchronization between nodes and need to know that the maximum time required for a message to be exchange will be bounded by the unicast one hop time.

First, can you confirm that you are using DigiMesh 2.4? Which version of firmware? I do not think the Dm firmware yet supports this - but it is coming.

(I ask because people often post on the wrong forums, so don’t want to answer wrong. I know how to do this with ZigBee, but not DigiMesh).